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Toy Blue Tractor with Trailer

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The toy-Blue tractor looks beautiful and pleasant to the touch, which makes it a worthy gift for a child on a birthday or other holiday!

This is a real Blue tractor from the cartoon (produced under a license issued by the production center of BIG PAPA-the creator of the cartoon “Tractor Rides”). The production uses high-quality wood and MDF materials with water-based paint.

Attention! The toy is made on a wooden base and does not know how to fly, jump and swim! And to last a long time, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations! 😊

The child’s age is from 3 years.

  • Размер (ГхШхВ): 31, 5х9, 7х11 см
  • Материал: МДФ, бук
  • Покрытие: Акриловые краски, акриловый лак
  • Made in: Russia
  • Manufacturer: BochArt
  • Вес (грамм): 700
  • Child's age: От 3х лет


Синий трактор с прицепом Средний

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 23 cm
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